To post your lost thing on "Kanpid", simply click on the "Upload lost item" button, insert a clear image and fill out the form with relevant information.
Suppose you found anyone's lost thing. In that case, you can post it by clicking on the "Upload found item" button. Then, include a clear image and fill out the form with the relevant information about the found thing.
Once you have submitted the form, the found thing will be visible on the website. The owner of the lost thing will be notified, and they can claim their lost thing by providing the required information.
If you can't find your lost thing on "Kanpid", you can contact the customer service executives. They will be able to help you with your problem.
If you have doubts about the stuff requester, please do not hand over the belongings immediately. Ask more questions about the stuff. If you have more doubts about the stuff requester, please hand over the belongings to the local police and inform him/her to collect from there.
If you have lost something valuable, it is important to try to recover it at any cost. If the item is found at a long distance from you, you may need to travel to get it back and if it is not possible somehow then you may request the receiver to ship you. You should be thankful to the person who found your belongings.
If you have received an item that you believe is not yours, please contact the stuff discoverer and post on "kanpid" as a stuff discoverer yourself from your kanpid account. If you are not interested to do so, please handover the belongings to the local police.
No, you won't be charged anything for this service. It may be utilized anywhere in the world without cost.
Go to your Kanpid account and click the "I Got my stuff" button on your post. This will notify the community that you have received your stuff and they can mark it as "received". If you are happy with what you received, please leave a positive review for the sender. This helps others in the community know that they can trust this person.
You'll need to chat with the discoverer at Kanpid to get their mobile number. Please do not hesitate to contact kanpid customer care if you have any additional concerns.