How to find your Lost Wallet?

29 Jul

How to find your Lost Wallet?

Kanpid is a platform in the UK that helps you to find your lost items. We hope Kanpid will help you find your wallet easily by just following a few steps.

Just go to the Play store or Apple store download the Kanpid application and register yourself on the given location where you lost your wallet, Time & Date, and Upload an image of your wallet which will help us to find your wallet, If anyone find wallet near your location Kanpid will send you a notification.

A wallet can be special for someone, like a gift from a loved one or something the person has been using for a long time. Now a day’s people are emotionally attached to their wallets and the loss of it also has sentimental value.

If you have found a lost wallet or lost items it should be returned to its owner ethically.

How to use Kanpid for found wallet?

  • You can use a website and an application both. If you are comfortable with the website then just follow some easy steps and you can find your items easily,
  • Go on the browser and search about and.
  • Kanpid website will load on the browser in a few seconds, Just go to the registration page and register yourself on Kanpid by using some important information.
  • After completing your registration process please upload your wallet Image, Date, and Detailed address where you lost your wallet.
  • After uploading these all details you need to wait for a few min if anyone has already found that, then you” ll get the notification and you” ll be able to contact him/her.
  • If no wallet matches yours’s then kanpid will take some time to find your lost items, Once anyone will found a wallet near me on kanpid” ll get a notification.
  • If items are found or received then do marked as Items found near me.

After registration, you can able to login Kanpid at any time or any place through the Website and you can also use Mobile Application.

Benefits of using Kanpid for lost and found items :

  • You can use this through the kanpid website and kanpid Application
  • The site has an easy-to-understand interface and can be used by anyone over the internet.
  • Registration process of and is too easy.
  • Our support team is available 24*7.
  •  The list of items is quite huge that you can find. 
  • If you have lost your pets then on Kanpid you can easily find 
  •  For a better experience, you can also use the Kanpid Android Application and Kanpid IOS app.


Now a day’s Kanpid app is revolutionary in the current market.  According to the current situation, people are losing more items in traveling, Restaurants, Hospitals and other places. By using the Kanpid application it is easy to find your lost items. Because kanpid It’s easy to use it will not take too much time during working hours also this is a budget-friendly solution and perfect work!


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