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Kanpid is providing Lost and Found Services in the UK, We have our own application which you can use free of cost. It has many features that will benefit you, especially if you are trying to report your lost items. There are many things that people usually lose everyday, and this app is designed to help them to find their lost items. We have put a lot of effort into making this mobile application as simple and user-friendly.If you use this application I am sure you”ll be happy to take services for Lost and Found Property.

It's a user- friendly app for people because we help each other, no matter the location in the UK. Kanpid is providing services all over the UK location.The Lost and Found property app is free so everyone can have it and we can be one big happy family. The app is very modern and clean and looks attractive. It does not have crazy colors so it's easy to keep track. All the instructions are in writing so you know everything when you download this app on your Mobile Phone.

That's why it's very important that we provide as little information as possible. When you download this application on your phone and proceed to register, the app contains some important information,you will already know a lot about the app, and the information will be very sparse on you so that you can understand how Kanpid works. This app is in English because we are trying to reach people all over the UK and then in other countries. That is our main goal.

So if you also want to help other people and you have a little bit of time, this application is for you. No matter where you are and where you lost your items. If you Lost items at Airport, Hotel Lost and Found, Railway Station Lost and Found, Lost your Baggage during travel, Lost your pets, any things you Lost in the UK you can find easily through the Kanpid application.

There is much more planned for the future which will be more interesting, but for now, we want to resolve this issue and look forward to the next property. Everything will come step by step so it will not be too confusing for everyone. We hope you like our app and it will help you.

Note: Our coming phase will be more interesting and come with lots of rewards.