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Lost and Found is a very normal thing nowadays, Kanpid is a platform in Uk that provides Lost and Found services all over the United Kingdom. During travel you are Finding Lost Property we developed an online platform where people can update regarding the Lost and Found easily. And our working process is so easy you need to follow a few steps only. As we have a website as well Mobile application also by which you can download the application on your phone and follow some minor steps for using Online Lost and Found Application.

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Are you from Uk and you are worried about your lost stuff and a question comes to your mind come how to find my lost items, Kanpid is a platform which is helping people to find their lost items free of cost. We have a well expert team who is ready to help you to Find your Lost Items. You have to download our Mobile application and register yourself. Our experts will start finding your lost items according to your given information once they will get they will notify you through call, email, and message.


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One stop for Shopping:A one-stop shopping destination, often called a "one-stop" shop, Kanpid shop is an e-commerce website that offers a wide variety of products or services, catering to a broad range of customer needs and preferences. The main goal of Kanpid is to provide the best services to our clients. If anyone is looking to do shopping they do shopping at a single place.


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Kanpid is a platform in the UK that is helping people to Find Used Items.If you are interested in selling used items through Kanpid or any other platform, the general process for selling used items online typically involves the following steps:



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